Your organization is planning a new marketing campaign to promote downloads of a new app. As Social Media Manager, your primary KPI is to drive as many people as possible to the landing page, using the organization’s 5 social media accounts. Your plan is to Compose and Schedule 50 posts, which will contain: a) brand-approved visuals (shared with you on a 3rd party Cloud App, like Google Drive, and then cropped appropriately for each social network), b) captions supplied by a Team Member (who is also part of your Hootsuite Organization), and c) a shortened, trackable weblink for the marketing landing page. What Hootsuite tool is irrelevant to accomplishing this task?

(A) Hootsuite Inbox

(B) Drafts

(C) Owly Link Shortener

(D) Hootsuite Photo Editor

(E) Hootsuite Composer

(F) Hootsuite App Directory

Answer Explanation

The Hootsuite tool irrelevant to accomplishing this task is Hootsuite Inbox.

Composing and scheduling 50 messages can be done with Hootsuite Composer. The brand-approved visuals can be used in the post from Google Drive using the Cloudview app that can be downloaded from the Hootsuite App Directory.

Photos can be cropped appropriately using Hootsuite Photo Editor.

The Draft feature is required because your team members working on the post can save it as a Draft and other team members who are part of that Hootsuite Organization can edit the Draft and add the required Captions.

A shortened, trackable weblink for the marketing landing page can be generated using the Owly Link Shortener.

The only tool that is not required to accomplish these tasks is Hootsuite Inbox.

Resources and Conclusion

This question is a part of the certification exam conducted by Hootsuite known as the Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam. You can find all the correct answers with detailed explanations to this exam in our Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam Answers article.

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