what is the value of the following expression? true || true && false?

How To Evaluate Expressions With Variables Using Order of Operations

Feb 20, 2017 — My C++ programming professor gave the students some exercises about boolean algebra. Two of them were: 1) true || true 2) true && false. The …1 answer  ·  Top answer: True is not a valid keyword in C++. But true & false are keywords in C++.

Boolean variables are variables that can have only two possible values: true …Why does `false && true || true` evaluate to true …12 answersMar 11, 2016The following Boolean expression will be evaluated …3 answersSep 26, 2019Why is false && false || true evaluated to true …4 answersJan 22, 2018In C++, why does true && true || false && false …12 answersOct 31, 2010More results from stackoverflow.com

Evaluate Expressions with Variables | Find the Value of an Expression

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