What is the MIP 67 Error on Android and How to fix it?

MIP 67 Error is a network connectivity issue that occurs on Android Smartphones and Tablets. This error popup appears on Android devices especially on LG (LG Stylo 4), Motorola (Moto X), and Samsung devices.

A lot of people have complained that the MIP 67 error popup occurred on renowned cellular networks like Boost Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, Q Link, etc.

In this article, I’ll explain what is this MIP 67 error, why does it occur, and how to fix this error.

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What does the MIP 67 Error mean?

MIP 67 error is a network authentication error where your device fails to register with a particular component of the mobile carrier network called the Packet Data Serving Node (PSDN). Devices with MIP 67 error cannot connect to the Internet using Mobile Data and they can only connect to the Internet using WiFi.

Packet Data Serving Node is a component of the CDMA mobile network responsible for Point-to-Point Protocol(PPP) sessions between the mobile carrier network’s core IP network and the mobile phone.

The MIP 67 error pops up every 5-20 seconds and is really annoying for the users. It occurs mostly when you have mobile data turned on but it could also occur if you have the mobile data turned off.

MIP 67 error can occur due to multiple reasons. It can occur due to incorrect provisioning, configuration problems, software issues as well as hardware issues.

Why does the MIP 67 error occur?

MIP 67 error occurs due to the following reasons:

(1) Incorrect provisioning

Incorrect provisioning means the mobile carrier network is unable to authenticate the customer’s device on their server. This blocks access to mobile data services and triggers the MIP 67 error.

(2) Registering a new device with old SIM card

MIP 67 error can also occur if you register a new device with your old SIM card and phone number. You get this error because your ESN and SIM numbers don’t match the ones your mobile carrier has registered on their servers.

(3) Installing SIM card with no cellular service

The MIP 67 error can also occur if you install a SIM card that doesn’t have access to the mobile network’s cellular services and you have the Mobile Data turned on.

(4) Not paying your mobile bill on time

Sometimes this error can occur if you don’t pay your mobile bill on time. This happens mostly on the Sprint mobile network where they cut off your LTE/3G network for not paying your bill on time.

(5) You have a custom ROM installed on your device

Sometimes, this error can occur if you’re using a custom ROM or Kernel on your Android device instead of the Stock ROM.

How to Fix MIP 67 Error?

If you are getting this error on a device where you want access to WiFi only and not mobile data, you can fix this error by turning off your Mobile Data, switching your phone to Airplane Mode, and then turning on the WiFi. This will remove the MIP 67 error from your device.

For all those people who want to fix this error with access to Mobile data, you can try the detailed fixes mentioned below.

(1) Turn off Mobile Data and Turn It on Again

The MIP 67 error occurs because your device is unable to connect to Mobile data services. So, if you turn your Mobile Data off then this will stop the popup from appearing because your device cannot connect to the mobile data services. After turning off your mobile data, wait for a few seconds and then turn it on again.

(2) Remove SIM Card and Reinsert it

Sometimes this error can occur if your device cannot register the SIM card properly. In that case, you can try removing the SIM card from your device and reinserting it again.

(3) Reboot your Device

In some cases, a simple restart or reboot can solve these issues and it is extremely simple. All you have to do is press and hold the Power button on your device and choose the Reboot option. This will restart your device and hopefully fix the MIP 67 error.

(4) Change the Network Mode

If you have the wrong network mode selected on your device then you can fix the MIP 67 error by changing the network mode. Follow the steps below to change your network mode.

Step 1 – Go to Settings > Connection > Mobile networks > Network mode.

Step 2 – Choose LTE/CDMA.

Step 3 – After doing the above, go to Settings > General > System Updates.

Step 4 – Tap on Update Profile.

This will make sure the error doesn’t pop up if you had the wrong network mode selected.

(5) Update your device’s Preferred Roaming List (PRL)

The Preferred Roaming List(PRL) is a database used in CDMA phones which is built and provided by your carrier network and used when your phone is connecting to the tower.

Updating the PRL allows the phone to choose the best roaming carriers when your device is outside of the network’s local area. This provides better cellphone reception and can help you fix the MIP 67 error on your device.

You can update your device’s Preferred Roaming List (PRL) by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Turn off Mobile data.

Step 2 – Connect to the Internet using a WiFi network.

Step 3 – Open the Settings app.

Step 4 – Scroll down and tap on Software update.

Step 5 – Tap on Update PRL.

Step 6 – After it’s done, tap on OK.

If you cannot update PRL using this method then you can use another method to update PRL.

Step 1 – Open the dialer app, type *228, and tap on the Call button.

Step 2 – Open your Keypad and select 2.

Wait for a few seconds and you’ll get a confirmation message that your phone’s PRL has been updated.

(6) Change your device’s MSID or MIN

The Mobile Station Identification (MSID) also known as Mobile Identification Number (MIN) is a 10-digit unique number that a wireless carrier uses to identify a mobile phone. If your device is using the wrong MSID, it cannot connect to the mobile network and this triggers the MIP 67 authentication error.

Before changing your device’s MSID, you need to get your MSID by contacting the customer support of your network provider. Once you have the MSID, just follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Open the dialer app on your phone, type ##847446#, and then tap on Edit.

Step 2 – Enter the MSID received from the customer support team and tap on OK.

Step 3 – Your device will reboot automatically and once it starts up again you’ll stop getting the MIP 67 error.

(7) Flash stock ROM (Firmware)

If you’re using a Custom ROM or Kernel on your Android device then flashing the stock ROM can remove the MIP 67 error from your device.

You can flash the stock ROM manually using the SP Flash tool. Here is a guide that shows you how to do this.

What to do if the above methods didn’t work?

If the above methods didn’t solve the MIP 67 error then you can try some other methods that could solve your problem. All the methods are mentioned below.

(1) Reset Mobile Network Settings

You can reset your mobile device network settings by dialing ##72786# on your phone. This code is called Special Code to Reset The Network(SCRTN).

After dialing the code, your device will reboot, the mobile network settings will be reset and the MIP 67 error will not appear.

(2) Check if ESN and SIM Number are Registered correctly

Contact the customer support of your network provider and ask them if they have the correct ESN and SIM Number registered for your account.

(3) Remove SIM card with no service plan

The main reason why MIP 67 error occurs is your device cannot connect to your mobile network. So, if you have a SIM card without any active network plan, you should remove it and insert a new SIM card that has an active network plan. This could remove the MIP 67 error.

(4) Factory Reset your phone

If all these methods couldn’t fix the MIP 67 error, your last resort is to Factory reset the device. A factory reset erases all the data from your phone and restores your phone to its original state. You can check this guide to factory reset your phone.

factory reset android phone

(5) Use WiFi instead of Mobile Data

If you couldn’t fix the MIP 67 error using the above methods then you can just use WiFi instead of mobile data. Most people won’t be happy with this but hey, at least you won’t get the MIP 67 error, right. When turning on WiFi make sure to disconnect the mobile data and set your phone to Airplane mode or you can just remove the SIM card altogether.


MIP 67 error is a network error that occurs when your device cannot connect to the mobile network and doesn’t have mobile data access. It occurs due to a variety of reasons like incorrect authentication, software, or hardware issues. You can fix this error by trying out the fixes mentioned in this article.

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