What is com.samsung.safetyinformation?


Samsung device owners might have come across a Google Activity “used com.samsung.safetyinformation” while using their device. Users aren’t sure if something tripped off the safety manual or whether someone is …

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What is com.sec.unifiedwfc?


Samsung users might have seen an activity running on the Google My Activity report as “used com.sec.unifiedwfc.” This might be a cause for concern because users aren’t about this app …

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What is com.coloros.safecenter?


If you own an Oppo or Realme device, you might have seen the Google Activity “used com.coloros.safecenter” in your Google My Activity section. com.coloros.safecenter is the Android package file of …

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What is com.google.android.trichromelibrary?


If you’re looking for the meaning of com.google.android.trichromelibrary it is probably because this app package shows a downloading update notification and freezes while updating. com.google.android.trichromelibrary is the Android package file …

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What is FACM App on Samsung Devices?

FACM app

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Android device you probably have seen “used com.samsung.android.aircommandmanager” activity on your Google My Activity section. This app package represents the FACM app but what …

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What is Autofill With Samsung Pass?

Autofill With Samsung Pass

Samsung Galaxy devices have a unique preinstalled system app called Autofill With Samsung Pass which shows up as “used com.samsung.android.samsungpassautofill” activity in My Google Activity. But what is this app …

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What is com.android.vending?


Android devices have numerous preinstalled applications with unique package names whose exact function is not mentioned by device manufacturers. com.android.vending is one such package that keeps stopping and causes app …

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