What is SUPL20Services?

Huawei users have frequently complained about a system application named SUPL20Services that has a high CPU load and high battery consumption. Users aren’t sure if it’s important to keep this app or it’s better to remove this app.

There is not much information about the SUPL20Services app in the Android or Huawei community but one thing for sure is that this app is related to Global Positioning Services(GPS) in Huawei devices including Huawei P8, Huawei P8 lite, and others.

In this article, I’ll explain in detail what is the SUPL20Services app, what is it used for, why it has high battery usage, and can you remove this app.

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What Does SUPL20Services Mean and What is it Used For?

SUPL20Services is a built-in Android system app that improves the accuracy and positioning of GPS services to provide a higher standard of Location-based services on Huawei devices using the Secure User Plane Location(SUPL) architecture. SUPL20Services also reduces the time taken to determine the exact GPS location so your location is determined quickly and accurately.

SUPL20services app details

Normally when you turn on the GPS for the first time, it takes around 30-50 seconds before the location is displayed but a SUPL protocol named Assisted Global Positioning Services(A-GPS) significantly reduces the time to get that exact location by providing assistance data to the GPS receiver over a wireless network.

SUPL or Secure User Plane Location is an Internet Protocol technology that provides location-based services to mobile devices that have GPS via wireless networks. The basic SUPL architecture contains two components:

  • SUPL enabled terminal which is a mobile phone that supports SUPL.
  • SUPL location platform which is a server or network equipment stack that provides services like position determiniation, assistance data to SUPL enabled terminal, etc.

The package name of the SUPL20Services app is com.android.supl.

Is SUPL20Services App Safe or Is it a Virus/Spyware?

SUPL20Services is a safe system application and it is not a Virus or Malware that causes intentional damage to your device. You can scan this app via an Antivirus or Malware detector application like Malwarebytes and you’ll find that the app is clean and virus-free.

Some users believe that this app tracks your location intentionally and sells your location data to third parties but this is false. It is not Spyware. This app improves your location accuracy and helps to determine your location quickly only when you turn on the GPS. It doesn’t have any sneaky behavior.

It has a high CPU usage but the high CPU consumption occurs when your location and position data is being determined so this app cannot be termed as bloatware.

Permissions Required By SUPL20Services App

SUPL20Services requires three permissions to function properly:

  • Call Logs
  • Location
  • Telephone

You can check all the permissions of this app by going to Settings > Apps > Apps > Show system processes > SUPL20Services > Permissions.

Can You Uninstall SUPL20Services App?

The SUPL20Services app can be uninstalled from your device using the System App Remover application that requires you to root your device or using the Android Debug Bridge(ADB) software that doesn’t require rooting.

It is better not to uninstall this application because it helps in determining your location accurately while using GPS for location-based services and if you remove this app then it will take a long time for your device to determine your location and there might be issues in determining your exact location and the location determined may not be totally accurate.

However, if you’re still interested in uninstalling this app then you can follow the methods mentioned below but keep in mind that both these methods are complicated and could cause issues if not done properly.

Uninstall SUPL20Services Using Android Debug Bridge(ADB)

ADB allows you to bring up a Unix shell so you can issue commands directly on the Android device. You’ll need a Windows PC to use ADB.

Step 1 – Go to Settings > System > About phone

Step 2 – Tap on the Build number 7 times to activate Developer Options.

Step 3 – Go back to the main Settings menu and tap on Developer Options to open it.

Step 4 – Enable USB debugging by tapping on it.

Step 5 – Download ADB on your PC.

Step 6 – Extract the ZIP file into a folder.

Step 7 – After extracting the ZIP file, open that folder.

Step 8 – Press and hold the shift button and right-click in a blank area.

Step 9 – Click on “Open Powershell window here.”

Step 10 – Enter the command adb devices.

Step 11 – Connect your Android device to the PC using a USB data cable and set the USB mode as File Transfer.

Step 12 – You will receive a USB debugging notification on your phone, tap on OK to allow debugging access.

Step 13 – Re-enter the command adb devices.

Step 14 – You should now see the Serial number of your device on the Powershell window.

Step 15 – Run the command adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.android.supl and wait for a few seconds. You’ll notice the app has been uninstalled from your device.

Uninstall SUPL20Services Using System App Remover

System App Remover is an application that allows you to uninstall system applications. This app requires a rooted device. You can use our Android rooting guide to root your device. Once it is rooted, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the System App Remover application.
  2. Launch the System App Remover application and search for the SUPL20Services app.
  3. Select the SUPL20Services app by tapping on the checkbox next to it.
  4. Tap on the Uninstall button to completely uninstall the app.

SUPL20Services Consuming Too Much Battery?

The SUPL20Services app continuously runs in the background to improve positioning accuracy and consumes your CPU resources which requires high battery charge and that is why you see high battery consumption. This app shows high battery consumption even when you turn off the GPS.

battery draining issue

If you have the 3C All-in-One Toolbox app installed, you will find that the SUPL20Services app has a very high battery usage of around 4% – 5% per hour. It causes your battery to drain very quickly.

Some users have reported that the battery consumption of the app increases when your battery charge is 50% or lower. It can also consume your battery during low CPU load and consumption increases during high CPU load.

To reduce the battery consumption of SUPL20Services, you have to install the Greenify app and follow these steps:

  1. Open the Greenify app, select if your device is rooted or not rooted, select screen lock compatibility and accept all the permissions required by the app.
  2. Click on the + button to open App Analyzer which shows all the applications running in the background.
  3. Navigate to the SUPL20Services app and long press on this app to select it.
  4. Tap the Hibernate button(zzzz) in the bottom right corner.
  5. Some apps need to be forced to hibernate so if it’s required then tap the three vertical dots icon in the top right, then tap Create hibernation shortcut, select the Always ignore running state checkbox and tap Continue.

That’s it. This will put the app into hibernation mode, reduce the battery consumption of the app and maximize your battery saving.

However, there have been some instances where the Greenify app didn’t solve the problem. If this didn’t fix the high battery usage problem then you have to disable the app.

You can disable this app using the Titanium Backup application but first, you’ll have to root your device. Once it is rooted, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the “Titanium Backup” app.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Search for the SUPL20Services app and tap on it.
  4. Tap “Freeze” to disable the app.

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