Select the 4 features that are available on the Hootsuite Mobile app.

(A) Inbox and Settings

(B) Composer

(C) Streams

(D) Publisher

(E) Insights

(F) Team Metrics

(G) Impact

Answer Explanation

The 4 features that are available on the Hootsuite Mobile app are Inbox and Settings, Composer, Streams and Publisher.

Hootsuite Inbox provides a list of all the conversations across the different social media networks.

Hootsuite Composer is used to publish and compose messages from the Hootsuite mobile app.

Hootsuite Streams is used to find and respond to comments for your published posts across all your connected social media accounts.

Hootsuite Publisher is used to schedule and draft posts in Hootsuite in Calendar view or List view.

Resources and Conclusion

This question is a part of the certification exam conducted by Hootsuite known as the Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam. You can find all the correct answers with detailed explanations to this exam in our Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam Answers article.

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