Say you’re drafting a batch of social posts as part of a campaign. You need to access brand-approved visual assets stored on Google Drive to include in your posts. What’s the most efficient way to access these visuals?

(A) Use the Share button in Google Drive to export the images to Hootsuite

(B) Install the Google Cloud app from the Hootsuite App Store to access the assets directly

(C) Save the images to your desktop from Google Drive, then drag and drop them to Hootsuite Content library

Answer Explanation

The most efficient way to access these visuals is by installing the Google Cloud app known as Cloudview from the Hootsuite App Directory. You can use this Cloudview app to access the assets directly from a Google Drive account.

Resources and Conclusion

This question is a part of the certification exam conducted by Hootsuite known as the Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam. You can find all the correct answers with detailed explanations to this exam in our Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam Answers article.

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