Removable vs Non-Removable Batteries In Smartphones – Pros and Cons

Smartphones use Lithium-Ion batteries that are rechargeable and have a special feature by which they stop charging once the battery reaches 100% charge. These batteries are used in smartphones because they don’t get damaged if you overcharge them.

These Lithium-Ion smartphone batteries come in many shapes and sizes. Some are thin and long while others are shorter and thicker.

But, if you had to categorize them in groups then they can be divided into two groups namely Removable batteries and Non-Removable batteries.

In this article, I’ll explain the difference between the two and also point out the pros and cons of each one.

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What Are Removable and Non-Removable Batteries?

As the name suggests, Removable batteries are not built into the smartphone and can be easily taken out and replaced by removing the back cover of your smartphone.

Non-Removable batteries are built into the smartphone and cannot be taken out easily by removing the back cover of your smartphone. These non-removable batteries can be taken out with the help of some unique tools under professional supervision.

Most smartphones at this day and age use Non-removable Lithium-Ion batteries. The days of Removable batteries are slowly coming to an end.

Pros of Removable Batteries

Removable batteries have four distinct advantages. They are:

Easily Perform a Hard Reset

Hard reset is the method by which you can reboot your phone forcefully if your phone freezes and stops functioning.

The best way to a hard reset is by removing the battery, putting it back again and then turning your phone again. Doing a hard reset is very simple with a non-removable battery.

Replacement is Quick and Easy

Removable batteries can be replaced very easily without much effort. Just open the back cover, remove the old battery and place in a new battery.

Non-removable batteries require particular tools and expert hands to be replaced. This means you’ll have to pay someone to do it.

Removable batteries are therefore pocket friendly because you don’t need an expert to replace them.

No Need To Carry Power Banks

If your battery is removable then carrying an extra battery with you is much more convenient than carrying a Power bank.

Power banks take a lot of time to charge the phone to 100% and you also need to charge the power bank. If you have a removable battery then you can easily replace the new one and you will have a 100% charge without wasting time.

This is a great option for emergency situations where you can’t wait for your phone to charge.

Less Water Damage

If you accidentally drop your phone in the water then removing the battery and drying it can prevent any potential short circuits that can damage the entire phone.

Make sure to remove the Battery and SIM Card as quickly as possible in such a situation.

Cons Of Removable Batteries

phone with removable battery

Removable batteries have five major disadvantages. They are:

Removing The Battery Makes Your Phone Untraceable

If your phone gets stolen then removing the battery makes your phone untraceable.

If your battery is removed then the Phone loses Power. Once the phone loses power it cannot transmit its original location hence it becomes Untraceable.

Phone Becomes Vulnerable To Dirt and Dust

If you remove the battery then the internal components of your phone become defenseless against dirt and dust.

As more and more dust and dirt settle in there is an increased risk of damage to the internal components like the circuit board, transformers, capacitors, etc.

Phone becomes Bulkier and Thicker

Removable batteries are generally bigger than non-removable batteries to allow the extra space for their removal. This makes the phone heavy and thick.

Phones with Removable batteries are generally not slim and sleek like phones with non-removable batteries.

Unibody Design Is Not Possible

Phones with removable batteries have plastic back covers so that you can easily open them to remove the battery.

This makes it impossible for the manufacturers to use a full Metallic or any other Unibody design.

Needs Exact Battery To Replace The Original One

If the removable battery dies or stops functioning then you’ll need to find an exact battery of the same model number which fits back properly.

Finding such a replacement for older phone models can be tricky.

Pros Of Non-Removable Batteries

phone with non removable battery

There are four basic advantages to Non-removable batteries. They are:

Phones Are Lighter and Slimmer

Phones with non-removable batteries are slim and thin because the manufacturer doesn’t have to leave space for battery removal.

The non-removable batteries are generally longer and thinner which makes it Lighter than removable batteries. Removable batteries are Bulkier in nature.

Sleek and Unibody Design

Smartphones with non-removable batteries have a very Sleek Design. These batteries are generally longer and thinner which means they occupy less space. This allows the manufacturers to make the phone very sleek and slim.

The back cover of phones with non-removable batteries is generally fixed for the general user. This allows the manufacturers to use a metallic or any other Unibody design with a premium finish to it both in the front and the back of the phone.

Easier To Trace

Non-removable batteries make it very tough for the thief to remove your battery. This means that your phone remains powered and transmits its current and original location.

So, smartphones with non-removable batteries are easier to Trace than phones with removable batteries.

Less Susceptible To Dust and Dirt

Since you cannot remove the back cover, the internal components of your phone become less susceptible to damage by Dirt and Dust.

This prolongs the life of your battery, internal components and the phone as a whole.

Cons Of Non-Removable Batteries

There are three main disadvantages to non-removable batteries. These are:

Replacement Is A Headache

Non-removable batteries are inbuilt and you cannot remove the back cover so easily to replace the battery. This makes it very difficult to replace the battery.

You’ll need to take your phone to a Specialist or send your phone back to the Customer care center to replace it. This will also cost you a lot and you have to be prepared to shell out some cash.

Susceptible To Water Damage

If you accidentally drop your phone in the water then you cannot remove the battery and dry it because it is built in. This means that your phone and the battery can get damaged easily.

You Cannot Carry An Extra Battery and Need To Rely On Power Banks

charging non-removable battery with power bank

The non-removable battery means you cannot carry an extra battery during emergencies. The only way you can charge your phone during emergency situations is through Power banks.

Power Banks take a lot of time to charge your phone to 100% which is not a great alternative during emergencies.

Removable Or Non-Removable Battery – Which One Should You Get?

This is a personal choice for everyone and you must decide what’s best for you.

If you prefer lighter, slimmer phones that are sleek and have a beautiful Unibody design then you should go for Non-removable batteries. They will remain traceable and the internal components will stay protected from dust and dirt.

However, if you don’t like to charge phones with power banks and want backup during emergencies then you should go for phones with removable batteries.

Personally, I recommend going for non-removable batteries because it has far more advantages and fewer disadvantages when compared to removable batteries. Another reason is that phones with removable batteries are getting extinct.

Final Thoughts

Non-removable batteries have taken the top spot and nowadays they are the preferred choice for smartphone manufacturers.

Removable batteries are getting extinct and nowadays no smartphone manufacturer uses them. They can be found only in normal Keypad based Symbian phones.

Non-removable batteries are better in most aspects and you should definitely go for them.

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