ps4 controller d-pad stuck?

5 tricks to fix the D-PAD on your PS4 controller !

11 steps · 35 min · Materials: Dualshock 4 – PS4 controller pad, Rubber buttons …1.Before disassembling the directional arrow of the Dualshock 4 joystick (Playstation 4), for obvious safety reasons, you have to unplug the video game …2.iSesamo in the left interstice of the joystick and then pry up.3.Still with the iSesamo, keep opening the joystick on the right this time and pry as shown on the picture.down d-pad not working ps4down d-pad ps4ps4 controller d-pad not working on pcps4 controller d-pad replacementps4 d-pad not working reddithow to use d-pad on ps4 controllerPeople also search for

How to fix your broken D-Pad on your ps4 controller (Up, left and right not working) [Controller #2]

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