Is Newegg a Legit and Safe Website?

Newegg is a new player in the retail e-commerce market so there has been a lot of speculation and inquiries on whether Newegg is a legit and safe website to purchase products from.

People are concerned about purchasing products from this website because of the small number of negative reviews left by previous unhappy customers. However, a few negative reviews don’t tell the whole story, and is not right to pass judgment on a company.

This is why we conducted thorough research on how the website operates, the quality of products, and the plethora of reviews to provide you with the final answer to whether Newegg is a safe and legitimate online e-commerce retailer.

To start things off, Newegg is a legit website that is highly popular in America for purchasing consumer electronics. In fact, Newegg is so popular that Newsweek ranked it as the fifth-best online e-commerce platform to purchase consumer products in 2020. During the same year, the company ranked #6 in Digital Commerce 360 Top 500. Newegg is also named in Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Loyalty Programs.

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Newegg is a consumer electronics online retailer that started out in California, United States. It is especially known for its cheap and low-cost retailing of computers and other computer accessories.

It mainly sells consumer electronics including computers, computer accessories, mobiles, etc. but the company has now included other items including apparel, home and tools, sports and fitness equipment, and others. A few years back, Newegg had its majority customer base in the United States but now it has customers all around the world.

Newegg was established by Fred Chang in 2001. However, a Chinese company named Liaison Interactive has the majority stake in Newegg after a funding investment deal. Now, this e-commerce retail giant has facilities across locations in Canada and the U.S. and operates in 20 countries.

Why is Newegg called Newegg?

The name Newegg might be confusing for people as they may think that the name represents a company that deals with eggs or sells oval-shaped items that represent the shape of an egg but that is not the case.

The name Newegg signifies the birth of a new e-commerce retailer with endless potential that provides hope for online retailers in the trying and difficult times for online retail startups.

Why is Newegg so cheap?

The retail prices of products on Newegg are far cheaper than the actual market price. The reason for the low price is that they purchase the products directly from the manufacturing companies and sell them to consumers and businesses. There’s no middleman to take cuts which is why they can offer their products for a cheaper price.

Also, the company has seen consistent growth in sales over the years which allows them to provide hefty discounts to customers and price their products well below the average market price.

This is another tactic to stand out from other e-commerce giants like Amazon and BestBuy. This has helped them develop a loyal customer base and increased their market share. The company also has an IPO which makes them millions of dollars from their shares.

Why is Newegg cheaper than Amazon?

Consumer electronics and appliances are much cheaper on Newegg than Amazon. This is because Newegg exclusively deals in consumer electronics with the main focus being tech hardware, which is quite difficult to source from other places even for the retail giant Amazon.

However, it is not that products are always cheaper on Newegg. For some products, Amazon has better deals than Newegg which is why they essentially square each other out due to the stiff competition and close margins. Although Newegg has an edge over Amazon for the price and affordability, Amazon has better customer service, delivery service, and a great return policy.

Does Newegg Accept PayPal?

Yes, you can use PayPal on Newegg. The company accepts several payment methods including the payment processor PayPal. However, the company restricts the use of PayPal in the United States of America for purchases including Subscription orders, Will Call orders, and Backorders.

Is Newegg Safe?

Newegg is a safe website to purchase products. The website has SSL protection which secures your online transactions. Your credit card details made during payment are also safe and cannot be retrieved by hackers.

We haven’t found a single complaint about the payment methods integrated into the platform. No one has complained about an illegal charge or unsafe payment environment. Newegg also provides a return policy for customers who are not happy with the products or the ones who changed their minds after purchase.

How much is Newegg shipping?

The shipping charges on Newegg depend on the postal code(ZIP code) of the customer. When a customer adds a product to their cart and checks out after providing their postal code, Newegg provides the estimated shipping charges for the customer based on their postal code.

When the postal code is entered, Newegg provides all the shipping methods available for the customer. Aside from the location, the shipping charges are also influenced by the product weight and storage fees.

Does Newegg ship internationally?

Newegg ships internationally for selected locations including Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, India, Israel, and Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

The shipped products outside America incur additional costs except for travel costs. These additional costs include custom import duties and taxes. Some countries also have a Valued Added Tax(VAT) as well as Goods and Services Tax(GST) which is calculated at the time of order based on the current prices. If there is any deviation in the price of taxes then Newegg compensates for the price difference.

How Good is Newegg’s Return Policy?

Newegg has a return policy for their unsatisfied customers but not all products are eligible for returns. Also, the products that are eligible for returns have a specific return period which depends on the product. This information could be found in the “Warranty & Returns” section of the product page.

Newegg processes returns within 7-10 working days and refunds are made between the subsequent 3-5 working days. Before making a return, users need to authorize it by requesting the return from the website. Once it is authorized by the customer, Newegg decides whether to accept or reject the return based on the terms and conditions of their Return policy.

Does Newegg build Custom PC for you?

Building a custom PC is far cheaper than purchasing a built PC so it has become the new trend especially among gamers and tech enthusiasts.

Newegg offers a custom PC builder tool that helps a user to choose their favorite components and build a PC the way they want. Although the tool is effective in building a PC by yourself from scratch, Newegg does not guarantee that the tool and the components retailed in its stores would be compatible.

Why are Newegg products always out of stock?

The products on Newegg regularly go out of stock due to the huge demand from customers. If you are thinking of buying something from Newegg there’s a high chance that it will be out of stock in the next few days.

As a customer, it is impossible to predict when the products will go out of stock so you should subscribe to their email notifications by clicking on the Auto Notify button on the product page. When the product returns back in stock, Newegg will notify the customers via email who subscribed using Auto Notify.

There is also a backorder function available in Newegg. The backorder feature allows customers to place orders on products temporarily out of stock but this only applies in a few special cases.

Are Newegg sellers reliable?

Newegg sellers are reliable because the e-commerce retailer constantly assesses the performance and quality of retailers through feedbacks provided by customers and using pre-fulfillment void ratio.

Newegg assesses Sellers on their platform using the pre-fulfillment void ratio metric which gives a ratio of orders not completed by a seller to those successfully delivered. This ratio must be maintained below 2.5% by each seller on the platform, or they face sanctions.

The sellers are also assessed through customer feedback ratings left by customers who purchased products from sellers in Newegg. Sellers with a rating of 4 or 5 are extremely reliable whereas a seller with a customer feedback rating of 3 can be considered a decent seller but the ones with a rating of 1 or 2 should be considered poor and you must not purchase from them.

The customer ratings and reviews are genuine and cannot be manipulated by the seller. This makes it easy for the customer to decide which seller to purchase products from. Newegg also allows customers to contact sellers via email or phone. You can get their contact information by clicking on the seller’s name on the product page.

Is Newegg customer service reliable?

Newegg allows customers to contact them via email, live chat, phone call, and by filling out a contact form on the website. However, the customer service is nothing to write home about because several customers have mentioned that the Newegg customer service is unreliable.

Some customers have complained that the customer representatives on Newegg have been rude to them while some of them have complaints that the customer representatives are not knowledgeable and couldn’t solve their problems.

However, there have been a few positive reviews about their customer service from some other customers which indicates they do care about their customers but there is lots of room for improvement.

What is Newegg shuffle?

Newegg has implemented a new system named Newegg Shuffle that provides customers with equal rights to a product rather than on a first-come-first-served basis. When customers plan to purchase a product that has a lot of demand, they would have to click on the “shuffle” button on the product page which replaces the Purchase button.

Once the inventory is received, the products for the raffle are stocked and raffle draws are initiated but the delivery time of the products will depend upon the seller. The raffle draws are conducted Monday and Friday between 9 am P.T. and 11:00 am P.T.

What is Newegg open box?

Open box are products that have been returned by customers upon delivery. Newegg places the Open box products for sale on their website at reduced prices with little to no guarantee of the effectiveness of such products to users wanting to make a purchase.

On top of that, there is no guarantee that the accessories that come with the main product would be delivered along with the product to the customers.

Can I delete my Newegg account?

If you don’t want to make any purchases from the Newegg website in the future you can delete/close your account with them. But, there is no straightforward option to delete your account on the website.

To delete your Newegg account, you have to notify the company through the Help Center or by sending them an email. To close your account through the Help Center follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Newegg website and click on the Help Center link at the top right corner.
  2. Scroll down and you will find the Contact form titled “Chat With Us.”
  3. Now you have to provide your details, select the Contact Topic as Account/Other and mention in the form that you want to close your Newegg account.

The second way to delete your account is by sending them an email requesting the deletion of your Newegg account to and providing them with a valid reason for why you want your account to be closed.

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