In the Composer, there are 3 ways you can attach an image. Which of the following is not an option for attaching an image to a post?

(A) Inserting an image from an Instream Tweet

(B) Uploading it directly from your computer

(C) Uploading from a Hootsuite Integration (e.g., Adobe Experience Manager)

(D) Picking an image from the Media Library

Answer Explanation

In the Composer, you cannot attach an image to a post by inserting an image from an Instream Tweet. You will have to download the image from the tweet to your computer or Google Drive and then you can upload it directly to Hootsuite and attach the image to a new post.

Resources and Explanation

This question is a part of the certification exam conducted by Hootsuite known as the Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam. You can find all the correct answers with detailed explanations to this exam in our Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam Answers article.

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