What is IMSLogger?

Samsung devices have a built-in system application named ImsLogger which requires users to accept a lot of permissions and the app icon is a crying blue face which is creepy because users feel that is some kind of Malware.

A few websites claim that the IMSLogger application is a Messaging synchronization service that syncs all your messages from the Samsung Messages app in the Application Manager and uses the IMS synchronization setting to provide MMS services but we have found this information to be wrong.

This is why we came up with this article in order to explain the truth behind the ImsLogger application, what is the purpose of this app and is it safe to keep on your device.

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What is the ImsLogger App on Android and What Is It Used For?

ImsLogger is a system app on Samsung devices that is used to log calls and messages made over an IP network including Voice over LTE(VoLTE), Voice over WiFi(VoWiFi), Internet Chat Message, Video Call, as well as Rich Communication Services like SMS and MMS. It creates a database of call and message logs that can be used to diagnose issues when IMS Service is connected to a carrier network like Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T.

ImsLogger app details

The ImsLogger app gets the data of calls and messages made over the IP network from two related apps which are the IMS Service app and the IMS Settings app. The package name of the ImsLogger apk file is com.sec.imslogger.

IMS Service or Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem service is a system app which is an architectural framework that delivers voice communication services, multimedia communication services as well as chat messaging services over an IP network by forming a connection with the service provider via a common control layer.

Some people might think that SMS and MMS aren’t sent using the Internet but it is not entirely true. RCS or Rich Communication Services allows you to send SMS and MMS using the Internet with the help of the RcsSettings app.

Is ImsLogger Safe or Is It a Virus?

A lot of Samsung users are concerned about the safety of the ImsLogger app. Most users think that it’s Malware but in actuality, it’s not. ImsLogger is NOT a Virus or Malware.

ImsLogger is a safe application that logs calls and messages made using internet services over an IP network. It doesn’t cause any harm to your device.

Now, you might feel that since it’s creating a database of call and message logs, it is spying on your data. This is also false because the database of logs is only used for diagnosing issues. This app is not Spyware.

However, this app can be termed Bloatware because it directly doesn’t affect the performance of your device when removed or disabled.

Is It Safe to Uninstall ImsLogger?

Yes, it is completely safe to uninstall the ImsLogger app from your device. We haven’t noticed any issues with our communication services while using internet calling, video calling, or chat messaging services.

You just have to make sure that the app is properly uninstalled from your device. We will mention a few methods of uninstalling this app in the next section.

How to Remove ImsLogger?

ImsLogger is a system application that cannot be removed in the same you uninstall third-party apps. You can uninstall the ImsLogger app using the Android Debug Bridge software, the System App Remover application, or using the Titanium Backup application. The ADB method doesn’t require rooting but the other two methods require rooting.

1. Uninstall ImsLogger Using Android Debug Bridge(ADB)

ADB allows you to bring up a Unix shell so you can issue commands directly on the Android device. You’ll need a Windows PC to use ADB.

Step 1 – Go to Settings > System > About phone

Step 2 – Tap on the Build number 7 times to activate Developer Options.

Step 3 – Go back to the main Settings menu and tap on Developer Options to open it.

Step 4 – Enable USB debugging by tapping on it.

Step 5 – Download ADB on your PC.

Step 6 – Extract the ZIP file into a folder.

Step 7 – After extracting the ZIP file, open that folder.

Step 8 – Press and hold the shift button and right-click in a blank area.

Step 9 – Click on “Open Powershell window here.”

Step 10 – Enter the command adb devices.

Step 11 – Connect your Android device to the PC using a USB data cable and set the USB mode as File Transfer.

Step 12 – You will receive a USB debugging notification on your phone, tap on OK to allow debugging access.

Step 13 – Re-enter the command adb devices.

Step 14 – You should now see the Serial number of your device on the Powershell window.

Step 15 – Run the command adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.sec.imslogger and wait for a few seconds. You’ll notice the app has been uninstalled from your device.

2. Uninstall ImsLogger Using Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup app allows you to uninstall or disable system applications that cannot be removed normally. This app requires you to root your device. You can use our Android rooting guide and after rooting your device, follow the steps to uninstall this system app.

  1. Download and install the “Titanium Backup” app.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Search for ImsLogger and then tap on this app.
  4. Tap “Un-install” to completely remove this app.

3. Uninstall ImsLogger Using System App Remover

This method also requires you to root your device. You can check our rooting guide mentioned previously and once the device is rooted you can follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the System App Remover application.
  2. Launch the System App Remover application, search for ImsLogger and select the app by tapping on the checkbox next to it.
  3. Tap Uninstall to completely remove the app and delete its data.

What Permissions Does ImsLogger App Require?

As mentioned earlier, the ImsLogger app requires a lot of permissions to operate. Here is a list of all the permissions that this app requires:

  • SMS & Call Log – This allows the app to access the SMS and Call logs on your device.
  • SMS(Text Messaging) – This allows the app to read, write, and send SMS as well as MMS messages.
  • Phone – This allows the app to modify phone state, read phone status and identity.
  • Storage – Allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage and modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.
  • Contacts – This allows the app to access all the Contacts on your device.
  • Location – This allows the app to approximate location (network-based) and precise location (GPS and network-based).

ImsLogger Consuming Too Much Battery?

Some users have reported that the ImsLogger app consumes a significant amount of battery charge which leads to battery draining. But in our research, we found that the app itself doesn’t cause battery consumption, the battery draining happens when communication services like VoLTE calling, VoWiFi calling, internet messaging and video calling are used.

battery draining issue

The ImsLogger app doesn’t run in the background continuously. This app only starts running when you use these voice or multimedia communication services.

You can reduce battery consumption of the ImsLogger app using these methods:

(1) Restrict Background Data and Battery Usage

You can restrict the background data usage of this app using the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Data Usage.
  3. Scroll down and tap on ImsLogger.
  4. Tap on the toggle button to enable Restrict Background Data.

To restrict the background battery usage of the app, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Device Care > Battery.
  3. Navigate to Battery Usage and select the ImsLogger app.
  4. Tap the Restrict background activity toggle button to reduce battery usage.

(2) Restrict Use of Internet Communication Services

If you use a lot of internet communication services like WiFi calling, Internet Voice Calling, Video Calling, and Chat Messaging for long periods then your battery will drain very quickly.

The best way to reduce battery consumption in such cases is to restrict the usage of these services. If you limit the usage of internet communication services your battery will run longer.

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