How to Change Hathway WiFi Password

When you purchase an Internet Connection from any Internet Service Provider like Hathway, you get a DSL router that may or may not be password protected.

It is important that you set up a strong password for your WiFi connection so that no else can access your Internet connection without your permission.

To change your current WiFi password or set up a new password, you have to access the main control panel of your Router by logging in to the admin page of your Router.

In order to change your WiFi password, you will need two things.

(a) Firstly you have to identify your Router manufacturer. For example D-Link, ZTE, Netscape, Technicolor, Genexis, Tp-Link, etc.

(b) You have to find out the router login IP address, Username, and Password for logging into the Router admin panel.

This password is different from your WiFi password. The router login password is used to login to the admin panel of the router. This is not your WiFi Password.

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How to find out the Router Login IP Address, Username and Password for any Router Model?

Most DSL Routers have a username or login id as admin and password as password or sometimes the password is blank. But this is a general case and may not apply to you.

I am using a D-Link router and my router login username is admin and the password is also admin.

Some Routers have their password written on the back of the Router next to the Mac address.

The best way to find out the router login Username and Password for any router model be it D-Link, Technicolor, Netscape, Genexis, Skyworth, Tp-Link, ZTE is by visiting this site. This site also provides you the login IP Address for your specific router model.

How to Change Hathway WiFi Password from Mobile or Computer?

Most Routers have a default login IP address of or but this may change slightly for your Router model. You can visit the site I shared above to find out the exact login IP address, username, and password.

I am using a D-Link router with model number DSL-2750U, so my instructions will be based on that.

If you’re using a different router, then don’t worry because the steps will be the same. The only difference is the router login IP Address, username, and password.

Step 1 – Connect your mobile or computer to the Hathway WiFi and make sure you are connected to the WiFi for the entire process.

Step 2 – Type in the router IP address on the browser window to login to the router admin panel. You can find the Router login IP Address from the site shared above.

enter router ip address

My login IP address for D-Link router is

Step 3 – Enter the router username and password. Username of my D-link router is admin and password is admin. To find out your username and password, visit the site I shared above.

enter router username and password

Step 4 – After entering the Username and password, you will get access to the Router admin panel which looks like this. Click on the SETUP tab as shown below.

click on setup tab in router admin panel

Step 5 – Next, hover your mouse over Wireless Setup and click on Wireless Security.

click on wireless security settings

Step 6 – Inside Wireless Security Settings you will see an option Pre-Shared Key. This Pre-Shared Key is your WiFi Password.

create new pre shared key or wifi password

Step 7 – Enter a New Password and click on Apply Changes button. Make sure to enter a strong password with alphabets, numbers and special characters.

click on apply changes button

That’s it, you have successfully changed your Hathway WiFi Password.

How to Set Password for Hathway WiFi Router?

You have purchased a new WiFi connection from Hathway and now you want to set up a password. Well, setting a password for your router is a bit challenging but don’t worry as I will show you everything step by step.

Before setting up a new password, you have to know the router IP Address, Username, and Password for logging into the Router Admin panel. You can find this information by clicking here.

Step 1 – Connect your Computer to the Router using a LAN wire. You cannot set up a New Password with Mobile or Tablet.

Step 2 – Enter the router IP Address for your specific router. In most cases, the IP Address is or

Step 3 – You will get a Router login screen. Enter the Username and password for your specific router.

Step 4 – Navigate to Wireless Security Settings which should be under the SETUP tab.

Step 5 – Click on Setup Password or Pre-Shared Key(for D-Link).

Step 6 – Use a Strong Password with Alphabets, Numbers and Special Symbols. Make sure the Password is above 10 characters.

Step 7 – After setting the New Password click on Apply Changes. That’s it, you have successfully set up a password for your router.

Step 8 – Now, disconnect the LAN wire from your computer and connect your Mobile or Computer to the Router using WiFi.

Step 9 – You should get an Enter Password option. Enter the password you selected and click on Connect.

Why Password is Important for WiFi Router?

Setting a password for the WiFi router is a must because you will frequently get attacks from Hackers all around the world.

These hackers can remotely connect to your WiFi using certain Apps and change your WiFi Password. These hackers use various methods such as Phishing, Social Engineering to find out your Password.

Most WiFi routers have a very long-range, so the surrounding people are constantly trying to connect to your WiFi connection to use Free Internet.

If you don’t use a password for your WiFi, then a lot of users can connect to your WiFi and you may end up losing most of your bandwidth.

Because of these reasons, it is very important to use a password for your WiFi router. Also, you should use a very strong password with more than 10 characters that have alphabets, numbers and special characters.

Why is my WiFi Password Incorrect?

Sometimes you cannot connect to your WiFi router because your WiFi password is not working and it shows Incorrect password. This can be due to the following reasons.

(a) You have misplaced small letter with capital letter while typing the password.

Passwords are case-sensitive, which means there is a difference between small letters and capital letters. Example – a and A are two different characters. Make sure you properly check if you have mistakenly used a small letter or capital letter in place of the other.

(b) Someone has changed your Password without telling you.

Contact others with whom you have shared your password and ask them. If you don’t get a positive reply, then immediately contact your Internet Service Provider(Hathway).

(c) Your WiFi connection was hacked by someone.

In such cases, you should immediately contact your Internet Service Provider and tell them to set up a new password for your WiFi router.


You can change your Hathway Broadband WiFi password using a mobile or computer by following my step-by-step instructions. Although I have used a D-Link router in this example, you can follow the steps for any router model.

You can also set up a Password for your WiFi router if you don’t already have one. If you encounter any problems or find it too difficult, then contact your Internet Service Provider and they will help set up your WiFi Password.

Lastly, make sure to set up a very strong password with a lot of characters that people cannot guess easily. This will stop anyone from using your WiFi without your permission.

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