how do i remove my phone number from tiktok?

How To Remove Phone Number From TikTok

Go to the TikTok app.
Tap on the Me tab on the lower-right screen for TikTok app settings.
Next Tap on three dots on the top-right corner.
LetÕs Scroll down to the Report a problem.
Under Select, a Topic, choose Account and Profile.
Then tap Phone Number/E-mail.
Choose I want to change the associated phone number.
In the end, tap No for Is your problem resolved?
Tap Still have a problem.
You can write to TikTok that you donÕt have access to the current registered number as of now.
To verify your ownership, answer the following questions if the TikTok Support Team asks like,
Sign-up date
Recent login location
Registered device
Bound/old phone number
Provide all of this information and wait for their response.

How to Remove Your Phone Number from TikTok

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