Are Alienware Laptops Good For School and College?

Alienware laptops are the most stylish looking gaming beasts with some of the most powerful hardware available in the market.

If you’re looking for a laptop to do your school or college work and play games at the same time then look no further than Alienware.

Alienware laptops are capable of running the most complex software you find in engineering colleges to demanding AAA games that require a lot of RAM and an excellent graphics card. These laptops are great for multitasking.

But are Alienware laptops good enough for most school and college disciplines? Well, in this article, I’ll go in-depth to answer if its an ideal choice for you.

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Are Alienware Laptops Good For Middle School?

If you have just stepped into middle school and can’t wait to buy your first laptop then you should probably look into Alienware.

As a middle school student, you will mainly use computers for learning about Microsoft Word. You will learn how to write articles, format articles, how to create documents, save these documents, and many other uses of Microsoft Word.

You will also use laptops to watch educational and funny videos and browse the Internet. Alienware laptops can run Microsoft word like a charm

You will also be using computers for working on class assignments and practice for ICT Tests.

Alienware laptops can easily run Microsoft Word and you can also browse the Internet without any problems. Alienware laptops are excellent for middle school students.

If you’re in middle school then you’ll probably have a hunch of playing games along with schoolwork. If you are really into games then you’ll love Alienware. You can run every new and old game with the Alienware laptops.

The only downside is Alienware laptops are very expensive and heavy. If your parents can afford an Alienware laptop then you should definitely get it.

Are Alienware Laptops Good For High School?

High School students are taught a variety of things. You will learn the basics of Coding and Programming languages, learn to use software like Celestia to learn more about the Celestial System.

You will also learn to use Business Application software like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint along with Microsoft Word.

Some schools also teach the basics of designing on Adobe Photoshop and you will also learn to create simple drawings and Painting on Microsoft Paint.

You will also browse the Internet, watch videos, browse social media, and watch movies. You will need a laptop that is good for multitasking and Alienware laptops provide you just that.

If you want to play games and use all the above software without running into any issues then Alienware laptops are perfect for you.

Alienware laptops are also an excellent choice for high school students who have a knack for gaming.

Are Alienware Laptops Good For College and Grad School?

Choosing the right laptop for college can be tough because there are so many disciplines that have different needs. That is why I will try to cover most of the disciplines and whether an Alienware laptop is a good choice for each discipline.

Are Alienware Laptops Good For Engineering Colleges?

Engineering college students cannot survive without a laptop. You will need a laptop for just about everything.

For the first year, the students of all engineering disciplines would need a laptop for taking notes, writing assignments, browsing the Internet, watching videos on YouTube, watching movies and playing games.

Alienware laptops can achieve each and every one of those tasks very easily without any lags or stutters. Also, the sexy design will draw a lot of eyeballs and you may even get lucky and make some new friends with your Alienware laptop.

When it comes to the next three years your needs will change with your discipline.

Computer Science Engineering students would start coding and programming classes. You will code in various languages like Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, C, C++, Angular JS, PHP, HTML, CSS, and many more.

Alienware laptops can be used to program and code in every language. If you’re using Java then you will need an Integrated Development Environment(IDE) like Android Studio. Similarly, every programming language requires an IDE to code on.

Alienware laptops have an excellent combination of CPU, GPU, and RAM. These are the three main things you need for running multiple applications, running IDE software for coding, gaming, and other tasks.

An Alienware laptop with Intel Core i7 processor packed with 8 GB RAM and NVIDIA GTX 1050 should be good enough for coding in every language.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering students will require a laptop for running software like MATLAB, Simulink, Pspice, Multisim, ETAP, Power World Simulator, and many others.

An Alienware laptop with Intel Core i7 processor packed with 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA GTX 1080 should be more than enough for running all these Electrical and Electronics engineering software, playing AAA games and other tasks like browsing the Internet, watching movies, etc.

Civil Engineering students need a laptop for running many software for Design and Analysis, Drafting, Surveying, Construction Management, etc.

As a Civil engineering student you will need to use software like AUTOCAD, STAAD PRO, PRIMAVERA, REVIT, SAP 2000, ARCGIS and others.

You can easily run these software on an Alienware laptop with Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, and NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti.

architectural design students

For Mechanical and Architectural Engineering students you will need to run some complex design software. You will need to run software like AutoCAD, SketchUp, Fusion 360, Civil 3D, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, 3DS Max, and many others.

All these are some heavy and complex software, an Alienware laptop with Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Graphics card can easily run all these applications.

Are Alienware Laptops Good For Medical School , Dental School and Vet School Students?

Yes, Alienware laptops are an excellent choice for Medical, Dental, and Vet School students. The first two years of Medical, Dental, and Vet school would be mostly about taking notes, writing assignments, studying resources, and videos from the Internet and gaming if you love that.

The next few years would require you to use some Apps and software like MedCalX, Prognosis, Micromedex, Eponyms, PEPID, Daily Round, Medscape, Epocrates, etc.

Alienware laptops have enough processing power to run these software and apps easily without any lags or glitches.

All in all, Alienware laptops are a great choice for Medical, Dental and Vet school students.

Are Alienware Laptops Good For Design School?

Alienware laptops can run most software used for designing but I don’t recommend Alienware laptop for designing because they don’t have a touchscreen option.

If you are a 2D, 3D Artist or you’re into Fashion Designing then it is much to better to buy a Touchscreen laptop that comes with a Touch Pen. You can produce accurate designs more easily and save a lot of time for yourself.

Unfortunately, Alienware laptops don’t have a touchscreen option so Alienware laptops aren’t a great option for Design School.

However, if you’re using VFX Design software then Alienware laptops can be a great option for you.

Are Alienware Laptops Good For Business School?

Business School students don’t need to run any complex software. The most set of tools you will be needing is the Microsoft Office Suite.

You will mostly be working with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Word. Alienware laptops can easily run all three of these software very easily.

Apart from that, you will need to browse the Internet for resources, watch videos and you may also want to watch some movies. Plus if you’re an avid gamer then Alienware laptops can give you an unfair advantage.

If you’re into the Accounting field then you may need to use a software called Quickbooks. The Quickbooks software doesn’t require high processing power so you can easily run it on an Alienware laptop.

Are Alienware Laptops Good For Post Grad Science School like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths?

Yes, yes and a hundred times yes. Alienware laptops are very powerful and can run every software for a specific science discipline.

Physics students would run software like AIDA, ALGEBRA, Algodoo, APFEL, ASTOS, Avizo, Atomistix Toolkit, Atomistix Virtual NanoLab, etc.

Chemistry students would run software like Quantum Espresso, AutoDock, Scifinder, ChemDoodle, etc.

Maths students would run software like Microsoft Mathematics, Math Editor, MAXIMA, xFunc, SpeQ Mathematics, Euler Math Toolbox, etc.

Biology students need to run software like Bioclipse, V Cell, Bioconductor, PSPP, Silvernote Standard, etc.

Alienware laptops can easily run all the Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology software with ease. The high processing power of Alienware laptops makes every software buttery smooth to run.

Why are Laptops Important for School and College?

Every college student requires a laptop with decent specifications including a powerful enough CPU, a good amount of RAM, decent Hard Drive Storage, and a Graphics card for running complex software and playing games.

College students need laptops for taking notes in class, writing assignments, creating presentations in Powerpoint, filling important data in Excel Sheets, browsing the Internet with multiple tabs open, watching movies, and also playing games.

All of these things require a good amount of processing power, a good amount of RAM, a decent GPU with a good amount of VRAM, and most importantly high storage for storing important files, software, games, and downloaded movies.

Alienware laptops excel in all of these points. They are capable of running any complex software, AAA game, and other simple software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Alienware laptops are great for multitasking so you can browse the Internet with multiple tabs open, watch videos, listen to music all at the same time. And you can do all of these without any kind of lag. You won’t see any signs of your laptop slowing down while multitasking.

How Good Are Alienware Laptops For Studying and Gaming?

If you’re a student then you need a laptop for studying and entertainment purposes including Gaming. If you like playing games then you’ll need a gaming laptop and there’s no better brand than Alienware.

Alienware develops laptops specifically for gaming. These laptops are so powerful that you can play most games and run any complex educational software.

laptop for gaming

Alienware laptops are an excellent choice for studying and gaming because of three main reasons.

High Processing Power

Alienware laptops are packed with the latest generation Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i9 CPUs. You can choose a laptop with 16 GB, 24 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB RAM variants. Alienware laptops come with the latest NVIDIA GPUs with high VRAM.

The high values of CPU, RAM, and GPU make Alienware laptops one of the best in terms of processing power. You can run any 3D Modeling and Rendering software, complex Engineering software, and AAA games with relative ease.


Alienware laptops are built for rough use. The build quality is sturdy and they are extremely durable.

Alienware laptops aren’t made of cheap plastic. Instead, they are made of Magnesium, Steel, and Carbon filters that give them a sturdy build quality.

School and College Students tend to use their laptops very roughly and don’t take proper care of them. If you’re such a person then you don’t need to worry about the durability of an Alienware laptop.

From the lid to the keyboard everything is top quality so you don’t need to worry about damaging your Alienware laptop.

A quality laptop lasts longer than cheaply made laptops.

Excellent Customization

Alienware offers a wide range of customization options for your laptop. You can customize the colors of the keyboard and backlight.

You can change the colors to your favorite ones and you can even apply multiple colors to make it look more beautiful.

Very Responsive Keyboard and Trackpad

The keys on the Alienware Laptop have great tactile feedback and excellent key travel. This means typing on the keyboard of these laptops is a great experience.

The trackpad is very responsive and registers every gesture accurately. The left-click and right-click buttons are smooth and extremely responsive.

What makes Alienware Laptops better than Other Laptop Brands?

The brand name is enough. Alienware is developed by Dell which is a leading manufacturer of laptops and desktops.

Alienware laptops are known for their great build quality and unbelievable performance. You can slay your competitors with an Alienware laptop.

Alienware laptops have great build quality, beautiful design, excellent hardware including CPU, RAM and GPU, high storage capacity, excellent keyboard and trackpad, and a wide range of customization options.

Alienware for laptops is just like the Apple iPhone of Smartphones. The brand is more than enough.

Pros and Cons Of Alienware Laptops

Every laptop has certain pros and cons associated with it and Alienware is not an exception. Here is the list of pros and cons of Alienware laptops.


(A) Excellent Build Quality.

(B) Amazing Cooling System for a Laptop.

(C) Screen is very bright and has great color saturation and contrast.

(D) Powerful Hardware.

(E) Well known Brand.

(F) Good Keyboard Quality and Trackpad.

(G) Durable.

(H) Color Customization available for keyboard.

(I) Full HD screen resolution which is good for gaming.

(J) G-Sync technology which removes Screen tearing, Stuttering and Ghosting.


(a) Heavy and Bulky.

(b) Battery life is not the best.

(c) Expensive.

(d) Consumes a lot of Power.

Why Students Should Buy Alienware Laptops?

Students should buy Alienware laptops because they have excellent hardware which is important for running all types of software, tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

These laptops are great for multitasking which is very important. You can keep multiple tabs open and you won’t feel like there is any kind of lag or your computer is slowing down.

The screen quality is excellent in Alienware laptops so you can enjoy watching movies and videos. It also makes it useful for Video and Photo editing.

All of these make Alienware laptops a must have for students.

Best Alienware Laptop for School and College students

Best Alienware Laptop for Middle School Students is Alienware 13.

Best Alienware Laptop for High School Students is Alienware 15 R4.

Best Alienware Laptop for Engineering Students is Alienware 17 R5.

Best Alienware Laptop for Medical, Dental and Vet School Students is Alienware 15.

Best Alienware Laptop for Design School is Alienware M17.

Best Alienware Laptop for Business School is Alienware M15.

Best Alienware Laptop for Gaming is Alienware Area-51M.


When you’re buying a laptop for studies and gaming you would want a laptop that lasts for at least 5 years and performs flawlessly for this time period.

Alienware laptops are just known for that. I myself have been using the Alienware M14 model for almost six years and it still runs great.

Alienware laptops can be used for schoolwork and gaming. They are great for multitasking and the looks are something to die for.

You won’t regret buying an Alienware laptop for studies and gaming.

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